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We Bare Traces

'We Bare Traces' is an installation piece which was exhibited as the second and alternative iteration of Barnacle at the 126Gallery, Galway, 2019.  A group exhibition by artists Ciarán Doyle, Laura McMorrow, Helena Gouveia Monteiro and Sarah Wren Wilson.

Below: We Bare Traces, 2019, plaster and pigment casts, (variable dimensions). 

IMG_6320 (1).jpg

Obscured by Paint

SarahWrenWilson_'Obscured by Paint I' pl

Obscured by Paint I, 2019,

plaster, paint and ink,18x25cm.


Obscured by Paint II, 2019

plaster, paint and ink, 75x58cm.

'Obsured by Paint IV'_plaster, fibreglas
SarahWrenWilson 'Obscured by Paint' plas

Obscured by Paint III, 2019

plaster, paint and ink, 85x66cm.

Obscured by Paint IV, 2019

plaster, paint and ink, 108x58cm.

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