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Hang Tough Contemporary, Dublin 2
4th -21st 
of May 2023


“In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between them, there are doors”
- William Blake

When change occurs, an unknown world brimming with both fear and opportunity emerges. Wren Wilson’s new body of work ‘If only I knew’ is the material embodiment of such opportunity as she documents this time in her life. A changing landscape functions as a catalyst for new perspectives in her work as she examines and processes her move to the West of Ireland. The artist metamorphosizes her experience of change into finely tuned tones, warping linear forms and calming compositions.

Through form and colour, a process of adjustment and readjustment
plays out in new territories and surface qualities. The role of the artist is reactive as curved lines meet creating unexpected pathways and formations. An approach which considers the relationship between thought and its formal translation onto a canvas.

Wren Wilson’s approach to painting considers the relationship between thought and its formal translation onto a canvas. Although it is abstracted in its final form, her translations are fluid, and intuitive making them the most natural representation of the artist’s inner landscape. There is a sense of freedom in Wren Wilson’s work as she experiments with colour combinations and playful dimensions, she is not bound by the conventions of traditional art making.

In her new environment she observes the subtle shift in the seasons
with astute confidence and acknowledges her new place of belonging in If only I knew. Her practice considers the fertility of liminal spaces and offers a meditative response to life’s reality of inevitable change.

Hang Tough Contemporary is delighted to present ‘If only I knew’, an exhibition of new paintings by Sarah Wren Wilson and sculptural works created in collaboration with Martin Munroe

Install Images Rubio Hennigan

Text Written by Grace O'Boyle

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