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A R T  T H E R A P Y

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses visual and tactile media as a means of self-expression and communication  (BAAT, 2024). Art is not a diagnostic tool but a medium for expressing and exploring emotions without relying on words and cognitive thinking. My role as an art therapist involves helping people express their thoughts and emotions through a variety of art materials, including paint, collage, clay, and natural materials.


Art therapy can help to:

·       Manage and understand thoughts and feelings

·       Build resilience and self-esteem

·       Give tools to manage anxiety

·       Help identify what makes you feel good

·       Provide a safe and supportive space for reflection

The sessions will be tailored to your needs, desires, and material preferences and no prior artistic experience is needed. 



I am in my final year of the MSc Art Psychotherapy Programme at the University of Ulster, where I receive regular clinical supervision in compliance with the Health Care Profession Council. My interest in art therapy stems from working as a studio and arts facilitator at KCAT Arts Centre in Kilkenny and Project Ability in Glasgow (inclusive studio environments). I am passionate about the power of artistic expression as a means of support and discovery in our lives.


My previous education includes an MLitt in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art and a BA(Hons) Fine Arts degree from Loughborough University. Alongside this training, I am a practising artist, exhibiting in Ireland and internationally. I am a trainee member of the Irish Association of Creative Art Therapy and the British Association of Art Therapists and a professional member of Visual Artists Ireland.


Throughout my training, I have adopted a trauma-informed, person-centred approach and have worked in various settings and contexts, delivering both one-on-one and group art therapy sessions to adults, adolescents and children.


Through my various placements, I have cultivated a strong interest in art therapy group work and its potential for promoting both individual and collective growth. My experience in group work has been diverse, ranging from working with elderly individuals to members of the Ukrainian community, staff groups, and youth groups in settings such as nursing homes and community centers.

I am particularly interested in using the open studio model as a form of social action in community settings, offering a space of empowerment for individuals marginalised in society.

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