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A Snake, A Ladder is a limited edition artist publication funded by the Linenhall Art Centre, in Co. Mayo. 

 Prior to the 2020 lockdown, I had been preparing for a Solo Exhibition at the Linenhall Arts Centre in Co. Mayo, which in line with Covid 19 restrictions was postponed as galleries closed their doors. In lieu of this time, the Linenhall kindly offered me an artist support fund for this publication; A Snake, A Ladder.


This publication offers an insight into my studio practice during a time when the pressures of achieving particular creative outcomes were lifted. It documents a time of pause, recalibration and a body of artwork largely painted without expectation. As our once orchestrated lives changed and adapted, it examines how the act of painting became a point of grounding, navigation and play. 

It also served as a means of collaboration and connection, featuring an essay by Visual Arts Curator Valeria Ceregini and an interview that took place through written correspondence with Artist Ramon Kassam. The foreword is written by Bernadette Greenan, Director of the Linenhall Art Centre.

A Snake, A Ladder is a limited edition artist book.

50 copies (1st release March 2021)

Dimensions: 215mm x 143mm. 56-page saddle-back.

Bespoke hardback cover incorporating various card/cardboard.

With many thanks to the contributors

Linenhall Art Centre:

Valeria Ceregini:

Ramon Kassam:


Printed by Plus Print, Glasnevin, Dublin.





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